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KabiesiRADIO is an intercontinental Radio Station (Nigeria, Dublin, Moscow) our team of expert are working round the clock to make sure we serve our listeners with massive collection of interactive, educative and fun filled programs.

We have introduced 24hours per 7days working schedule for the past 2years to make sure we are always in your ears, unlike some other radio stations whose night shifts are music play-list based, we have put together series of interesting program that matches time: morning, afternoon, night, mid-night, working hour and also programs according to days. Permit us to say We are highly experienced in 'AIR-Production' Radio&Tv, we have a team comprising of different professional who are trained and have gathered experience from working with renowned Broadcasting organizations.

Most recently we have include some different genre of programs to make your time with us a blissful one. Enjoy your tune with us.